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The Organization For Social and Health Advancement For Guyana/Carribean

The Organization for Social and Health Advancement for Guyana/Caribbean is a charitable organization that benefits cancer patients in Guyana and the Caribbean. This organization was formed to bring about awareness because of the need for cancer treatment, medical services and health care enhanced training for medical professionals in the various disciplines of health care delivery. Due to the lack of advanced technology, many cancer patients are unable to access the healthcare they need in the early stages of the disease, and are unable to access the health care they need immediately.

However with the help of health education, this issue can be addressed and people would be more proactive with their health care needs. We invite you to be a sponsor, or volunteer in our organization as we conduct our medical missions yearly. We have planned numerous projects that are consistent- and would gradually make a difference in lives of cancer patients.

“OSHAG/C is dedicated to the empowerment of the Guyanese/Caribbean community through Health Education and Referral Services. Our goal is to enhance the well being of Health and Social standards in all the communities we serve.” Through training, and facilitating Annual Medical Missions.

The Organization for Social and Health Advancement for Guyana and the Caribbean (OSHAG)/C) is a nonprofit, service driven organization based in Queens, New York. OSHAG is also registered as a Non Government Organization (NGO) Guyana.

OSHAG represents a partnership between members, community volunteer organizations and Individuals in the extended community.

OSHAG, since its formation in the year 2000, has touched the lives of many women, men and children who have been diagnosed with cancer and other health related issues. In an effort to assist through education, OSHAG has hosted several health conferences facilitated by medical professionals of Guyanese and Caribbean descent in areas of Continued Medical Education (CME) the Administration and Safety of Chemotherapy, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle and Breast Education. The Medical team, comprising of doctors of various disciplines along with skilled nurses conduct clinics and surgeries in areas of need.

The American Ambassador to Guyana, Mr. Ronald Goodard, in his opening speech at a two day training session organized by OSHAG at the prestigious Georgetown Club, where over three hundred nurses and medical practitioners were in attendance, eloquently stated, “In our quest for people to people diplomacy, OSHAG has taken a leadership role in bringing health care issues of the underprivileged to the forefront.”

The urgent need for care to be delivered and viewed as continuum OSHAG has taken the leadership to focus on education in the area of cancer and other social ills in the community.

Please get in touch with us by sending a message. Together let us raise awareness for the need for education and cancer care. YOUR HELP GOES A LONG WAY.